Running / 2018-04-14

I think I mentioned the other day that I had picked up some insoles, hoping that they will help with the shin splints. I feel like they definitely helped. My shins were still a bit sore afterwards, but not as bad as they had been. So that’s all good.

It was brought to my attention that I should remove the soles that are already in the shoes before putting the new ones in there. It seriously never occurred to me to remove the soles that were already in the shoes so that it didn’t feel like my feet were being pushed out of the shoes. Fuck sakes, I feel like an idiot.

Maybe my next run will be even better.. toes crossed.

Weight: 189.7 lbs.
19.9 % Body Fat
BMI: 28.8

Running / 2018-04-12

I picked up some insoles for my shoes. Figured I would do a quick bit on the treadmill to see how they were. I’ve basically discovered that I hate running on the treadmill since I started running outside. It’s a p.i.t.a to constantly change the speed, and keep myself centered and not bouncing all over the damn thing.

Jury is still out on the insoles. :/