Running / 2018-04-12 (Indoor)

I picked up some insoles for my shoes. Figured I would do a quick bit on the treadmill to see how they were. I’ve basically discovered that I hate running on the treadmill since I started running outside. It’s a p.i.t.a to constantly change the speed, and keep myself centered and not bouncing all over the damn thing.

Jury is still out on the insoles. :/

Calories: 150 kcal
Duration: 16m 00s
Distance: 1.2 mi
min: 68%
max: 85%
avg: 78%
Heart Rate
min: 125 bpm
max: 157 bpm
avg: 78 bpm

Who is (o_-)

I'm just a guy. I want to get back into shape. That is all.