Running / 2018-03-31 (Outdoor)

This was by far the worst run I have attempted (out of.. 3, I guess). I ran a route that was 3.6 miles, which wasn’t too bad, but it was quite hilly. Running uphill is just tiring. It’s running downhill that was absolutely killing my shins. By the time I reached 1.5 miles, I was in so much pain it was fucking ridiculous. I think I’ll stick to a flatter landscape for now.

657 calories burned and still couldn’t hit that second slice of pizza. Dammit!

I forgot to mention. I have a deviated septum, so when I’m running I can never get a decent amount of air in through my nose. I thought I would pick up some of those Breathe Right Strips™ to see if they would help. They definitely help me get air in through my nose, but it was to the point that breathing in through my nose felt like it was giving me brain freeze the entire time. Like if you eat a mint and then drink something cold… that’s what it felt like in my nose. I did not like it.

Calories: 657 kcal
Duration: 43m 12s
Distance: 3.7 mi
min: 72%
max: 98%
avg: 85%
Heart Rate
min: 134 bpm
max: 181 bpm
avg: 157 bpm
Weight: 191.1 lbs.
19.7 % Body Fat
BMI: 29

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I'm just a guy. I want to get back into shape. That is all.