Running (Indoor)

I use an app, Gyroscope, to keep all of my data together. When you do a workout, it shows you images with food items on them, and how many calories you burned during the exercise. It also shows you “how many donuts” you burned or “how many cookies” worth you have burned.

There’s also the pizza image. That fucking pizza image. In the two years that I have been using the app, and when I’ve been shown the pizza image. I have never burned the equivalent to 2 pieces. NEVER. One of these days I will… I will get those two pieces. Yes, I will.

Calories: 351 kcal
Duration: 31m 52s
Distance: 2.74 mi
min: 45%
max: 99%
avg: 83%
Heart Rate
min: 84 bpm
max: 184 bpm
avg: 154 bpm
Weight: 191.7 lbs.
21.1 % Body Fat
BMI: 29.1

Who is (o_-)

I'm just a guy. I want to get back into shape. That is all.