Running (Indoor)

Keeping track of the data from my runs makes it so much easier to try to improve a time or distance, etc… I really wanted to get my pace under 12 minutes per mile. I was able to power through a little bit more.

If I didn’t have the numbers to go back on, I don’t think I would feel like there was any improvement. Looking back.. oh, I ran.. I ran yesterday too, and they don’t feel any different from each other. At least I can tell from the numbers that my runs are getting better.

Happy Pi Day.

Calories: 357 kcal
Duration: 31m 24s
Distance: 2.65 mi
min: 56%
max: 102%
avg: 83%
Heart Rate
min: 103 bpm
max: 189 bpm
avg: 153 bpm
Weight: 191.1 lbs.
22 % Body Fat
BMI: 29

Who is (o_-)

I'm just a guy. I want to get back into shape. That is all.